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February 2019


Choosing the right propeller is the single most important decision you can make to get the best performance from your boat and outboard! Propeller choice can affect boat top speed by as much as 5 to 10 MPH. It also has a direct effect on acceleration, cornering, pulling power, and fuel economy. With some boats, you may need to change propellers for different activities, such as high speed cruising, water skiing, or carrying heavy loads. Using the wrong propeller in any of these applications will not only hurt performance, but could also cause engine damage.

Aluminium propellers provide a good balance of cost, performance, and durability for most applications. Stainless steel propellers offer improved performance, fuel economy, and durability. Because stainless steel is five times stronger than aluminium, it is much less susceptible to damage from striking underwater objects. However, the main advantage of stainless steel is in performance. Because of its strength, stainless propeller blades can be cast much thinner, which reduces drag. Stainless steel blades are also stiffer, which increases efficiency.

Choose the propeller type designed for the way the boat will be used:

• Fishing, skiing, cruising, commercial, racing, etc?

• How many people will be on board?

• Is the water shallow, or are there rocks or other underwater objects?

• Will the boat be used for multiple purposes?

Find the correct sized propeller for your specific outboard, boat, and load combination. When selecting a propeller, start with the propeller charts now available at www.evinrude.co.nz.

These charts group all of the propellers designed for a particular outboard and provide detailed information such as pitch, diameter, style, and the number of blades. To complete the selection process, you must perform a water test. During this running test, you will determine the best combination of engine mounting height, propeller style, and propeller pitch.

All Evinrude outboards have a recommended full throttle operating range. This means that, at full throttle, engine RPM must never be below or above this range. These specifications can be found on our website at www.evinrude.co.nz.

The propeller provides the load that controls engine RPM. Reducing propeller pitch size will increase engine RPM at full throttle. Increasing propeller pitch size will decrease engine RPM at full throttle. You have the correct propeller pitch when the engine runs at the midpoint of the full throttle operating RPM range with the normal, expected load in the boat. This is usually the point of peak horsepower.

Choosing the correct propeller pitch for a given boat and application will ensure long engine life, along with best overall fuel economy and performance. When you have a selection of propellers ready for testing:

1. Use an accurate tachometer to measure RPM and an accurate speedometer to measure boat speed.

2. Testing should be performed with the typical load—number of people, gear, water in live wells, etc.

3. Make sure that every test is with an identical setup.

4. Test each propeller at wide open throttle (WOT).

5. Engines should be tested at their optimum trim angle. This is the highest trim position the engine can be run without excessive ventilation, either in a straight line or in turns.

6. If the RPM is too low at WOT, try a reduced pitch and retest.

7. If the RPM is too high at WOT, test a propeller with more pitch. One pitch size usually results in a change of 200-300 RPM.

8. If the boat will be used for two applications, like water skiing and cruising, it may be necessary to test propellers for each type of use.

Once you have selected the propeller, adjust the engine mounting height for peak performance. The ideal engine mounting height provides the fastest boat speed without sacrificing acceleration, manoeuvrability, or engine water pressure. Your Evinrude Dealer will assist in determining the optimal height.

1. Start with the outboard’s anti-ventilation plate even with the bottom of the boat.

2. Raise the outboard one mounting hole at a time until engine performance is no longer acceptable. Then, lower the outboard back down one hole. Optimum engine height is affected by propeller style, diameter, and pitch. As you raise the engine, you may need to experiment with a variety of propellers to maximize performance.


January 2019


Evinrude is 110 years old and since 1909 we have been at the cutting edge of outboard development and technology.

Evinrude New Zealand is celebrating our unique history with the LEADING-EDGE Promotion, offering you, our loyal customers, the opportunity to save TEN DOLLARS PER HORSEPOWER on any purchase of a new Evinrude outboard from 25hp and upwards through our growing Dealer-network and associated Boating Partners. To find out more, visit our website at www.evinrude.co.nz and leave compromise in your wake!

Speaking of the website, we have a new one. Our website now offers a host of facilities, interactive modules and communication channels not previously available. We want your Evinrude-experience to be as easy and rewarding as possible and will continue to expand the website to include more and more functionality.

2018 was a busy year for us all but the rewards have been tremendous. The fact is that more and more people are making an informed choice when purchasing an outboard engine, weather it be for a new boat or a repower-solution. As we have said before, we like this. More people are RETHINKING TW0-STROKE and with good reason.

2018 saw Evinrude’s participation and presence at all the major boat shows and at various dealer-hosted demo days and fishing competitions and you can expect even more in 2019. We managed to complete numerous engine tests, often against other brands, reiterating our superior performance, torque, fuel efficiency and emissions levels.

From a marketing perspective our reach has grown substantially and 2019 will see the launch of a variety of new and exciting platforms including the Evinrude News Network, introducing our new broadcaster, Nick Scott.

From everyone at Evinrude New Zealand, we wish you all the best for 2019.

Good boating to you all

Kevin Sharp

MD Evinrude New Zealand.


October  2018


Save thousands of Dollars on your next Evinrude and enjoy 10-years factory-backed coverage. Sound good?

Well, for a limited time, two sales promotions from Evinrude New Zealand offer a wrap-around offer simply too good to miss.

The Evinrude HOOKING GOOD Promotion offers some real customer-focussed value-add on all E-TEC 90HP and 150HP G2 TRAC models AND for October only, you get 10-years factory-backed coverage.

Yip, you heard right, the Evinrude New Zealand PERFECT 10 promotion offers you unrivalled peace of mind for the next 10 YEARS, so make sure you ask your local Evinrude dealer about this amazing offer and become a part of the ever-growing Evinrude family!

But remember, the 10-YEAR COVERAGE offer is only valid until the 31st of October 2018, so you snooze you lose!

Pop into your local Evinrude dealer and spend more time on the water knowing that your engine is covered. To find a dealer, visit our website on www.evinrude.co.nz and take advantage of this once-offer offer before it’s too late.

Remember to follow and like us on Facebook @EvinrudeNZ and get all the latest from Evinrude at your fingertips.

Good boating to you all

Kevin “Rude” Sharp

MD Evinrude New Zealand.

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