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Here at The Boat Place in Tauranga, we see many boats that have suffered from motor failure due to simple issues that would have been identified at a regular safety appraisal or boat service had the boat owner organised one. Fuel that has gone stale, tight steering systems, control cables that need lubing and adjustment, gaskets may be leaking or oil levels are low or have water in them – these are just a few of the things inspected in our service appraisal checks.

In many cases, engines still run and are used by their owners who are unaware of the dangers – often with expensive, inconvenient and most importantly unsafe consequences. Don’t leave it to chance – get it checked now at Tauranga’s best boat service centre, The Boat Place.



Buying a new second-hand boat and motor can be a very exciting time for the purchaser, especially if the boat is in tip-top condition and the process is smooth. However, there are many times where the purchaser is unable to tell, or unsure what signs to look for to determine if the boat and motor are in good working condition. If not checked by an experienced marine technician it is very common for the new boat owner to discover down the track that they have in fact just purchased a lemon, a boat that needs a vast amount of work performed on it before it can be ruled safe for the water. This can make the entire buying process very overwhelming and daunting for the purchaser.



This is where we at The Boat Place can help. We can perform a PRE-PURCHASE INSPECTION on any boat you are looking to purchase before the deal is made.

This means you as the purchaser will have full confidence that the boat you are about to take over ownership of is running smoothly and will be completely safe for you, your family and friends, on the water.

We will be able to inform you of the issues that the boat has so you are aware of these before the purchase is made (if it is made). Therefore, there are no unforseen surprises for you the purchaser.

Our pre-purchase inspections cover a wide range of checks.

  • Lighting

  • Electronic gear

  • Hull check

  • Oil Levels

  • Engine running test including compressions and mounts

  • Steering check

  • Control Cables

  • Batteries

  • Full complete visual tests and much more

So to feel confident in your next boat purchase, book in a pre-puchase inspection with us here at The Boat Place in Tauranga.




Evinrude has spent over a century creating, crafting, rethinking and reimagining the outboard engine. And no matter where innovation takes us next, we’ll be ready to go even further.

Evinrude E-TEC includes both new technologies and improvements to existing technologies. We’ve built these technologies onto existing and proven – durable, reliable platforms. For example, our 2-cylinder 40 through 60 horsepower Evinrude E-TEC outboards are built on the mid-section and gear case of the 55 horsepower Commercial series outboards. In fact, the Commercial outboards are the basis for the outboards the U.S. Navy Seal Teams and U.S. Marine Corps Recon Teams rely upon during their assigned missions. The 3-cylinder 75/90 horsepower Evinrude E-TEC outboards are built on the mid-section and gear case of the 60 degree V4.

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