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Review of the new Evinrude G2 150HP

Evinrude's New E-TEC 150 Is the Most Efficient Boat Engine We've Ever Seen

More than 12 mpg from a boat? Yes, with this direct-injected three-cylinder 150.

If you, like me, enjoy nerding out on outboard motors, then prepare to indulge your inner marine-propulsion geek with this news of Evinrude's new 150-horsepower E-TEC G2. With outboards, they're pretty much all reliable these days. And horsepower is horsepower (unless you're cheating it a bit, which I'll get to). So what's the big deal with this new three-cylinder?

Well, how about 12.5 miles per gallon? Sure, that's at six miles per hour or so, but boats spend most of their time (40 percent) at idle, and 12 mpg makes this the Prius of outboards. The G2's maintenance schedule is also unlike anything else on the water: five years or 500 hours between tuneups. Since this is a two-stroke, you don't even do oil changes, and the onboard 1.9 gallon tank is good for 50 to 60 hours.

I'd probably buy an E-TEC for the lack of maintenance alone. In fact, I did. I have a 2009 G1 150, which visits the dealer every three years or 300 hours, and it runs like a champ. It can fog its cylinders and winterize itself. But the one this it's missing is this new engine's oh-so-sweet 12 mpg.



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