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BRP launched its new E-TEC G2 3-cylinder engine range 115H.O - 150HP We went across the Manukau Bar to see how the engine would perform under challenging conditions and then caught up with Evinrude MD, Kevin Sharp, Evinrude Marine West Dealer, Chris Ethell, and boat owner Brett Griffith for some more insights. 

BRP has acquired 80% of Telwater, the biggest boat manufacturer in the Southern Hemisphere. The purchase brings Stacer, Quintrex, Savage and Yellowfin Boats into the BRP family. Nick catches up with Evinrude New Zealand MD, Kevin Sharp, and the National Sales Manager for Telwater, Drew Jackson, to gain more insight into the long term impact of the acquisition. 

Evinrude New Zealand steps in to Sponsor DOWN TO EARTH KIWIS, DTEK, a group dedicated to keeping our environment clean and litter-free. Join the group by visiting their Facebook page at the link below the video.  

Evinrude donates engines worth $2 million to ABYC FOUNDATION

MIAMI — Evinrude, the American Boat and Yacht Council and the National Marine Distributors Association announced today at the Miami International Boat Show that Evinrude will donate $2 million worth of ETEC G2 3.4L V-6 outboards to the ABYC Foundation in support of next-generation technician training.

The donation, which the groups say is the largest of its kind ever made, will support students in high schools and colleges in the United States and Canada. NMDA will provide matching funds to assist schools with costs associated with purchasing test tanks, tools and shipping outboards.

“Boats are becoming increasingly more integrated, which requires technicians to be well-versed in a multitude of advanced systems,” said Evinrude senior vice president and general manager Tracy Crocker in a statement.

“By donating Evinrude engines and our training curriculum, we are providing the tools necessary to increase the number of certified professionals trained to service modern, technologically-advanced direct fuel-injection engines,” Crocker said. “Furthermore, we are maintaining Evinrude’s long-standing commitment to the marine industry, while meeting dealer demands for additionally trained and talented employees.”

The engine donation includes access to the entire Evinrude training curriculum, including fundamentals and professional level online courses. Upon successful completion of the curriculum, students will have the option to transition to the certification-level course at Evinrude’s technical training centers.

“Evinrude’s donation will provide these students hands-on experience servicing marine engines based on ABYC’s current curriculum and is a key step in ABYC’s efforts to address the shortage of qualified marine technicians,” ABYC president John Adey said. “While ABYC’s curriculum is general in nature, the addition of manufacturer-specific training enhances the value of the student to potential employers.”



CHALLENGER BOATS relaunch in New Zealand. This iconic New-Zealand-built boat has returned to our waters. Visit Peninsula Marine for more details.  


ELLISON HOLLANDS won the TADPOLES CLASS (Under 10) at the 2018 Bridge to Bridge.

Evinrude was out in force at the 2018 Bridge to Bridge and achieved some impressive results. 

Evinrude Brand Influencer, GENE HOLLANDS, and his boat "Aquaholic" was one of star attractions. ELLIE HOLLANDS once again flew the Evinrude flag to victory sporting her latest Evinrude-branded wet suit. 

Below are the results from both Gene and Ellie. 


F5 – 1 up (200HP) and broke the previous record by 1minute (out of 7 entries)

Driver: Dennis Toy

Observer: Kerry-Ann James

Skier: Gene Hollands


Tadpoles (under 10 Years old)

Driver: Dennis Toy

Observer: Gene Hollands

Skier: Ellison Hollands


F5 Time Trial (Seeding for main race)

Driver: Dennis Toy

Observer: Gene Hollands

Skiers: Troy Dickson & Richie Symons


F5 Power Boat Sprint (out of 10 entries)

Driver: Gene Hollands

Co-Driver: Kerry-Ann James


F5 Long Race - broke our existing record by a further 41 Seconds

Driver: Dennis Toy

Observer: Gene Hollands

Skiers: Troy Dickson & Richie Symons


F5 King of the Rivers

The long race at the Bridge to Bridge is the 3rd and final event in the ‘King on the Rivers’ series. Our great result in this race and the previous races meant we came away with F5 Winners in this series.

One of the many wins for GENE HOLLANDS at the 2018 Bridge to Bridge