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Let’s face it; most boats are designed for mass production. Albeit that a lot of engineering and thought goes into the original design, once the template is established, the mould is simply repeated.

Inevitably, keen boaters will quickly point out design flaws and limitations but these generally don’t reach the boat manufacturer and if they do, the R&D cost of changing the design is simply too much. The result in most cases, is that the boat does not change and boat-owners learn to compromise or add their own innovations.  

Now and then, however, a prospective boat owner teams up with a manufacturer to produce a custom boat which dots all the i’s and crosses all the t’s. Enter the Marco Boats 800 SOU’WESTER.


Vaun Wapp is a typical Kiwi bloke who loves to go fishing with his mates and take the family out on a cruise. He was in the market for a new boat and hooked up with Dayne Horne from Marco Boats through Alan Thomsen at Peninsula Marine.

Vaun wanted his new boat built to a specific set of requirements and Dayne agreed to build it. The 800 SOU’WESTER took to the water after a lot of research and development and the results are simply magnificent.

Having owned two Evinrude E-TEC engines previously, Vaun again opted for Evinrude, this time choosing an E-TEC G2 300hp.

“I needed an engine to comfortably drive the 3.5-ton boat and the raw power and torque of the Evinrude is unmatched,” Vaun explained as we got on board.


Apart from how the engine effortlessly pushed the boat through the water I was amazed at how every design-detail of the 800 SOU’WESTER came together in a synergy rarely seen. The lock-up cabin is spacious and comfortable and the bunks allowed me to stretch my legs with ample room to spare.  


We sat around the dining table on seats which were not only moulded to perfection but adjust to face forward or backwards. The table can also be lowered to create an additional sleeping area. The boat is crammed with storage space and Vaun opted for a cleverly concealed Weber barbeque rather than a traditional cooker.


The deck area is simply huge and features all the facilities one has come to expect from a Marco. One of the many innovations include a fresh water shower which utilizes a heat-exchange system directly from the Evinrude G2.  


I could go on for hours about this boat but to see the full story, visit the Peninsula Marine Facebook page at PENINSULA MARINE LTD where Nick Scott from the Evinrude News Network caught up with Vaun and Alan.  

Good boating to you all

Kevin “Rude” Sharp

MD Evinrude New Zealand

Article: The Rude Awakening July 2019