Evinrude’s iSteer and iTrim are underrated systems that are available on all G2 outboards from 115 H.O. to 300 HP including the recently launched 115 H.O., 140 HP and 150 HP engines.


iSteer has two parts: a fully integrated hydraulic steering system (ie. No messy cables) and a power steering assist pump that has three settings which adjust automatically while underway.


The integration of hydraulic steering into the power steering swivel bracket eliminates all hook ups and wires all together. This makes climbing around the transom area easier and safer.

As the speed of the boat changes it can become more difficult to steer. With iSteer, the power steering pump can be set to three different levels in order to tailor to the conditions.


Maximum assist gives drivers the least steering resistance while minimum assist will provide more feel from the water. With three levels (minimum, medium and maximum), there is an appropriate level for all types of driving.


iTrim automatically keeps your outboard at the optimal trim level no matter what speed. This feature makes boating easier and more enjoyable for both new and seasoned captains.

When underway while manoeuvring through tight turns and big offshore water, Evinrude’s

iSteer and iTrim adjusts automatically to make controlling the boat effortless.


Benefits that matter, Evinrude goes the extra mile. Both iSteer and iTrim do not require any aftermarket parts, it is aN advantage straight from the factory.



Best In Class


Boaters of all experience levels can drive like a pro with the suite of smart features on the Evinrude E-TEC G2. The class-leading iControl™ digital shift and throttle system gives you smoother shifting and instant throttle response, iTrim keeps your engine in the optimal position at any speed, and the iSteer system makes driving a breeze.


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