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With a legacy of 45 years of providing boating pleasure Haines Hunter is established as one of New Zealands leading brands. From the Award winning 485 Sport Fisherman through to the Award winning SP725 there’s a Haines Hunter model designed to suit you.

As a market leader in design innovation all Haines Hunters come with security of strength in construction, superb sea keeping ability and the very best value for money.

Remember, “The best investments give greatest returns”, and Haines Hunter will deliver.


Our History


Haines Hunter boats were initially produced in NZ under license to the Australian parent company. Haines Hunter (Australia Ltd) was started by John Haines in the early 1970’s.


 Based in Brisbane the company developed and grew into a major boat manufacturer for the Australian market. It was during these early years that Haines Hunter (NZ Ltd) was established and a select range of Haines Hunter boats were produced under license by Fibre Glass Moulders who were already involved in the marine industry in NZ with their range of Fleetline boats. 


The Haines Hunter range was produced by Fibre Glass Moulders up until 1980 when the license rights were transferred to Sea Craft Ltd. Sea Craft continued with the License Agreement until the mid 1980’s producing the V17R, V17L & V198 models in significant numbers. In 1984 Sea Craft purchased outright the interests in Haines Hunter (NZ Ltd) and set about expanding & developing the range to suit our local market. 


Now established as one of New Zealand’s premier brands Haines Hunter has embraced new technology while retaining the time proven Haines Hunter DEEP V design that sets the brand apart from competitors.


Today, in new premises, with Denis Kendall & Lionel Sands at the helm,  the company is well positioned to explore the challenges ahead. The ongoing commitment to new model development and the dedication to apprentice training is a legacy the company will continue to embrace.