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Ellison Hollands may be small, but don't underestimate this little pocket-rocket! As our youngest brand ambassador Ellison has been flying the Evinrude flag with her dad, Gene Hollands, from a very young age. 

Competing in various water-skiing competitions country-wide, our plucky girl almost invariably leaves the competition in her wake and echoes the very spirit of Evinrude.    

Her first encounter with the water was at the tender age of 9 weeks on a boat trip with her dad in a 1750 Bullet. Perhaps it was here that her love for the water started. Who knew that this love, and the encouragement from her family, would see her blossom into the multiple record-breaking water-skiing champ we know today. And...she's only 8 years old!   

Ellie started on double skis at the age of 4. Having quickly mastered the skill displaying natural talent and uncanny balance for one so young, she progressed rapidly to social skiing. At the same time Ellie strapped on her first single ski and her natural ability was once again very apparent, competing in her first ski racing event and earning the respect of all.  

With the two-stroke power of Evinrude driving her, Ellie competes in her club champs every year for skiing, knee boarding, wake boarding and wake skating. Amazingly, our young lady has also started to learn art of bare-foot skiing and we look forward to seeing her in action.

She completed in her 1st Hamilton Bridge to Bridge Water Ski Race just after her 7th birthday and this year, having just turned 8 years, is competing in her 1st ski racing season.

Evinrude New Zealand is proud to call Ellie Hollands an Evinrude Brand Ambassador and will continue to be a driving force behind our little champ! 



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Hey Ellie. Best of luck for the 2018 Bridge to Bridge. We know you are going to do well! Hugo